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The One Hundred – “Chaos & Bliss” [Album Review]

With Chaos & Bliss, The One Hundred have produced a record that provides an excellent soundtrack for the current mood. Read our review here…



Right – hip-hop + metal = Chaos & Bliss. Let’s get one thing out of the way here, what The One Hundred smash out on Chaos & Bliss is nothing new. However, what The One Hundred do, is deliver it with the kind of unbridled anger that is perfect for NOW.

Opening with the pounding “Dreamcatcher”, Chaos & Bliss is a scathing demonstration of aggressive, abrasive vocals, moshtastic guitars and samples. Recent single “Monster” continues the onslaught with its vicious hip-hop delivery interwoven amongst a barrage of hook-filled passages.

In fact, it’s a formula The One Hundred repeat throughout the album as the likes of “Dark Matter”, “Hand Of Science” and the pummelling “Boomtown” are spat out sounding for all the world like Enter Shikari’s younger, brattier brother. As I said in my intro, it’s not a new formula but The One Hundred have it nailed. Chaos & Bliss is exactly that – the modern metal is furious and full of vitriol while the electronic passages splashed throughout the material adds an element of calm to proceedings.

Frustration, anger, confusion, tension, all words that could be used to describe the feelings of a good percentage of the populace and all feelings that pulse through the veins of Chaos & Bliss. So, if you’re looking to vent to a soundtrack of modern hip-hop infused tech-metal, Chaos & Bliss will serve you well.

Chaos & Bliss Track Listing:

01. Dreamcatcher
02. Monster
03. Disengage
04. Dark Matters
05. Fake Eyes
06. Hand Of Science
07. Boomtown
08. Blackjack
09. Retreat
10. Who We Are Now
11. Chaos & Bliss
12. Feast

Run Time: 42:22
Release Date: June 2, 2017

Check out the track “Monster”

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