Shaman’s Harvest have released the latest single “The Broken Ones” from the band’s new album Red Hands Black Deeds. Red Hands Black Deeds is a darker, visceral and more layered sound than the band’s past offerings from their previous five studio albums. The album ranges from the ominous, haunting vibe of “A Longer View,” “The Devil In Our Wake” and “Scavengers” to quieter, more vulnerable songs such as “Tusk and Bone” and “Long Way Home.”

Singer Nathan Hunt commented, “We used analog effects pedals and vintage amps. It was kind of like trying to find the melting point between Midwest and L.A. It still has the Shaman’s Harvest Midwest vibe to it, but it definitely has organic L.A. written all over it.” Guitarist Josh Hamler adds, “Goat toes are the new cowbells. We’d tell Keith we wanted a certain sound, and he’d pull stuff out that we never thought of, like the goat toes we used on ‘Blood Trophies’ and ‘A Longer View’ or sandpaper on ‘Scavengers.”