Sean Danielsen is a talented solo artist, also known as the frontman for hard rock band Smile Empty Soul, who released his latest collection of music, the 6-track Mind Control To Steal The Soul EP, on July 21, 2017. Head below for the cover artwork and music video of lead single “Paralyzed”, but not before purchasing your own copy on iTunes or Amazon.

Recently, Sean compiled for us this kick-ass TOP 10 list of States to travel through as a weed person. He commented:

“This list is just from my personal experience. I’ve found good herb in states that don’t usually have it, and gotten stems and seeds in places that are supposed to be great. Good weed is traveling so fast now that if you know the right people, you can get it even where they only had dried brown tumbleweeds several years ago… so this is just the overall impression I’ve gotten from many different experiences in each place over the last 15 years of being on the road.

10. Montana
– Medical program in place, and a pretty “to each his own as long as no one’s getting hurt” kind of attitude anyway, makes this a good place to be. I’m pretty sure some of their dispensaries honor medical cards from other states… but don’t quote me on that.

09. Michigan
– They have a medical program in place, but aren’t yet recreational… Still… the weed is flying there, and the local growers are pumping out some good stuff. Some of their dispensaries honor “out of state” medical cards, so when I went in with my California card they were happy to serve me.

08. The Northeast
The Northeast as a whole in general is pretty great, so I’m just gonna give the whole area a spot on the list. There are several recreational states up there now, and it really has become a great environment for a weed person. (New York city has great herb at times, but it’s always overpriced.)

07. Massachusetts
– Recently went fully recreational, and they are pumping out a nice product for sure!

06. Maine
– They just went fully recreational, but it’s been a non-issue for a long time. They have great weed, and great food too for when the munchies kick in.

05. Arizona/Nevada
– They used to be states that came down really hard on Marijuana possession, but over the years they’ve totally flipped with Arizona implementing a medical program, and Nevada going recreational. You can get great herb there, but I’m sure it’s all from CA.

04. Colorado
– Obviously this state is fully recreational, and pumps out amazing herb… but if you don’t have a medical card there are some crazy high prices at the dispensaries. Everyone has it though, and it’s cheaper still from individuals.

03. Washington
– It’s completely recreational there, and the shops are awesome. They also don’t charge a huge unreasonable tax for people that don’t have their medical cards, so you can get amazing herb for cheap as a visitor from out of state.

02. Oregon
– This place is like weed paradise… from what I hear, everyone’s growing and just giving each other pounds at a time. It’s totally recreational, and dirt cheap.

01. California
– I’m from this state originally which always makes things better in that department… but this state has the best weed anyway. Even before it was completely recreational, it was the hub of the weed revolution in the US. It’s also currently around $25 for an 8th of the best shit on the planet there.

Check out the music video for the song “Paralyzed”

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