The latest effort from Portugal. The Man is a hit and miss affair where, for the most part, the hits far outweigh the misses. Anyone who picks up the album after hearing the first single “Feel It Still” may be in a for a bit of a surprise, not to mention disappointment. While the song sounds like the psych the band is best known for, Woodstock finds them embracing an electronic sound, for better or worse.

That isn’t to say they’ve completely abandoned the psych of their previous outings. There’s an underlying tension to “Keep On” that bursts forth during the chorus. “Rich Friends” kicks off with a down and dirty guitar and heavy beats that will please fans who have been with them since the beginning.

But, Woodstock finds PTM experimenting with their sound and it’s a mixed bag. “Noise Pollution”, featuring guest vocals from actors Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Fargo) and singer Zoe Manville, finds the band successfully combining their psych-rock with a more electronic sound, thanks to former Beastie Boy Mike D. Even an appearance by MC Fat Lip on “Mr. Lonely” works surprisingly well thanks to the smooth vocal flow he brings to the track.

But, it does show at times that the band decided to scrap material they had accumulated over three years in favour of starting fresh. “Easy Tiger” and “Live in the Moment” suffer from sounding similar to each other. Portugal. The Man should be commended for experimenting with their sound. With the exception of a few misfires, the band has found a way to make it work.

Woodstock Track Listing:

01. Number One (Featuring Richie Havens and Son Little)
02. Easy Tiger
03. Live in the Moment
04. Feel It Still
05. Rich Friends
06. Keep On
07. So Young
08. Mr. Lonely (Featuring Fat Lip)
09. Tidal Wave
10. Noise Pollution (Featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Zoe Manville)

Run Time: 38:35
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Check out the music video for the song “Rich Friends”