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Album Review

Origin – “Unparalleled Universe” [Album Review]

It’s not perfect, but as far as technical death metal goes, you probably won’t listen to much better this year.



Origin’s brand of technical death metal is brutal, fast and unrelenting. Across ten insane tracks of face-melting speed and aggression, Unparalleled Universe makes you aware of its presence and it could very well leave a lasting impression if you can return to your senses after it knocks you down. It’s not perfect, but as far as technical death metal goes, you probably won’t listen to much better this year.

You won’t find the crushing riffs of pure death metal here, but Paul Ryan’s sweeping guitar more than makes up for it. Along with the almost constant double-bass pedaling of John Longstreth, these are the instruments on which Unparalleled Universe builds its unrelenting sound. “Accident and Error” offers something slightly different, however. It is a spectacular track, with some incredible work on the bass thanks to the ever reliable Mike Flores. That slows down every now and then to let its brutality fully envelop you, but it also contains some of the most ridiculously fast drumming you’re ever likely to hear. For me, this track is a highlight of the record.

“Truthslayer” will push your neck back with g-forces, too. It opens with some utterly insane drumming of its own, followed by some incredible bass moments – the bass in this track is far more prevalent than on most of the record. “Invariance Under Transformation” is another belter. It’s slightly slower than the rest of the record, but this gives it a heavier feel and allows Jason Keyser’s demonic growls to take more of a centre stage. There’s a lot to love about this album and another track that deserves a special mention is “Unequivocal”. This ten-minute behemoth lets the whole band shine. The progressive nature of the song gives us great insight into just how skilled each member is. It grows from sounding overly similar to what has come before it into something far grander, complete with swirling guitar solos and (shock) slightly more mellow sections. It’s one of the best tracks of 2017 and acts as a shining testament to what Origin can be at their best.

Yes, a good amount of Unparalleled Universe may sound too similar to the track that came before it, but this isn’t much of a bad thing when each track knocks you back with its insane brutality. This is technical death metal at its best and most brutal. Unparalleled Universe is full of standout moments and four terrific tracks that will leave you breathless..

Unparalleled Universe Track Listing:

01. Infinitesimal to the Infinite
02. Accident and Error
03. Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns
04. Mithridatic
05. Truthslayer
06. Invariance Under Transformation
07. Dajjal
08. Burden of Prescience
09. Unequivocal
10. Revolución

Run Time: 40:56
Release Date: July 7, 2017

Check out the 360 visualizer video for the song “Accident and Error”