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OK, so here’s the deal, MSRY (pronounced misery, you dumbass) is a selfproclaimed miserable hardcore quartet from Oxford, UK, a town which, as they note, is “…usually reserved for academics and purveyors of knowledge.” Well, though they might be taking the piss out of themselves with that sattement, we have to say that this lads are equally adept at the arts.

The group dropped a 4-track self-titled EP earlier this year (grab some the album and/or some sweet swag RIGHT HERE) and it’s overflowing with totally agressive hardcore that will result in mucho moshpit mayhem. From siad album, we’re stoked to offer a free download of the band’s cover of the Cancer Bat‘s original jam, “Hail Destroyer”. Don’t ask us how, but we’d agree that MSRY took the song to an ever heavier place.

In speaking with the band, they said this about choosing this particular band and song: “We couldn’t cover Justin Bieber due to him being a little shit, so we chose to go with the second best Canadian export: Cancer Bats. This song hits hard and wanted to make it hit even harder.”


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