These Peterborough rockers have been a smouldering flame on the local scenes around Ontario and its surrounding areas for quite the while now. Since the band formed back in 2011, Mokomokai has been delighting those all across the Great Lakes region and beyond with its feverish brand of infectious hard rock and heavy metal. Thankfully, under the helpful watch of Ian Blurton (of C’mon, Bionical fame), these rough diamonds have been chiseled and polished to shine, and are ready for the big(ger) time! I have to fully admit to first hearing most of this album’s songs while watching the gents open for larger acts — in addition to hearing some of them first during the group’s own headlining shows — so I can tell you the songs offer pretty damn near the same energy recorded as they do live.

The title track is a majestic slap and stomp, fist-waving NWOBHM-styled ripper; just perfect to open this album and introduce themselves to the masses. “Diesel Wild Stallion” is my pick for favourite track; a solid fast-paced ripper with flair, melody, and guitarist John EllisRob Halford-like wails (plus this rules hard in concert). Additionally, “Heavy Metal Sky” is a classic arena stomper in the waiting, a superb mash of Motorhead and Judas Priest. Is that Deep Purple’s “Bloodsucker” from In Rock? Damn straight, just in case you had missed the long-sold-out 7” split which Mokomokai did with Public Animal.

If there is a track that I do find myself enthralled with to a degree, it has to be “Mountains Of Madness,” which is the newest of this bunch of excellent sonic tunes. It showcases the direction I see the guys taking for the future, and boy does it ever excite me so — please, PLEASE, write more tracks like this!

This band wants the big time bad, and trust me, they have the goods to just take it from who or whomever. You must get this if you like indie underdogs, real metal — like when it was fun — or simply a road-tested pack of dynamite songs that are designed to rock you stupid for the weekend. Or whenever, ‘cause hey, life’s a party!

Poison Whiptail Track Listing:

01. Poison Whiptail
02. Diesel Wild Stallion
03. Walkin’ Boss
04. Bloodsucker
05. Heavy Metal Sky
06. Fast Enough To Kill
07. Mountains Of Madness

Run Time: 25:02
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Check out the music video for the title track “Poison Whiptail”