New Jersey rock band Modern Chemistry have released second single “Tripping Over You,” from their debut LP Everything In Gold. The album was produced by Paul Levitt (Have Mercy, The Dangerous Summer) and is being self-released by the band. “Tripping Over You” has a huge chorus and vibrant energy to it that will get stuck in your heard upon first listen.

Commented singer and guitarist Joe Zorzi, “This is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever made. I love the juxtaposition of the sad, slow verses into the big chorus. It’s always something we love to play with and this is my favorite example of it. I actually wrote the chorus years ago. I always loved it, but never found the right place for it. I started working on the verses and pre-chorus of this song and all the sudden, it just fell together perfectly. I think Brendan’s guitar work really stands out on this track, with the ambient drones throughout and that huge, spacey chorus lead.”