South Florida-based brutal hardcore band Loyal Until Death are now streaming “Condemned and Judged,” another new track off of their Remain Defiant LP. Regarding the new song, the band said, “Pompano Beach, Florida might sound like an ideal place to go for a little rest and relaxation, but don’t tell that to the guys in Loyal Until Death. The metallic hardcore power trio specialize in the kind of aural violence that has more in common with the ugly sounds of Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy than it does with anything even remotely close to ‘beach music.”

Remain Defiant is the follow up to the band’s Two To The Chest-One To The Head EP and once again features some punishing guitar riffs, merciless lyrics, multiple vocal deliveries, and intense drumming.

Remain Defiant Track Listing:

01. Remain Defiant
02. What Never Dies
03. The God To You Repentance
04. Condemned And Judged
05. I Detest
06. Death Is The Destiny
07. Bow Down To Your Enemy
08. Into The Six-Foot Drop
09. Our Detriment
10. Keep It Real
11. The Molding Of A Man