The English city of Lincoln is home to the tech-metal group known as Borders. The band are heavy and, you guessed it, technically proficient, with music touching on themes of drugs, mental health, pharmaceutical companies and other deeply personal and tragic stories resulting in a powerful listening experience. In support of their new release, the four-track Diagnosed EP which dropped on Apr 21, 2017 (stream or purchase here), we’re pleased to share a TOP 10 list of the group’s favourite Van Bangers!

10. Dr. Dre – “The Next Episode”
– An absolute essential. Get those shades on, roll the windows down and cruise like the 90s-era gangsters you are at heart.

09. Ultrabeat – “Pretty Green Eyes”
– Not everything needs guitars. Let out some nostalgic dance energy with Ultrabeat‘s timeless banger – works best if you have a strobe light.

08. Saliva – “Click Click Boom”
– Catchy 2000s Nu-Metal at its finest. Get those finger guns out, boom.

07. Limp Bizkit – “Break Stuff”
– Speaking of Nu-metal classics, does it get any better than this? Let out some aggression after a difficult show.

06. Harold Faltermeyer, Steve Stevens – “Top Gun Anthem”
– Preferably for the exact moment you set off on tour. It just screams adventure and slow motion running; bonus points for air guitar solo.

05. Enya – “Only Time”
– Preferably for the teary tour goodbyes. An emotional experience needs everyone’s favourite emotional banger – who really knows where the road goes?

04. OPM – “Heaven is a Halfpipe”
– Anyone in the van a bit down in the dumps? Tour blues? Stick this bad boy on for a shot of feel good skater anthem, stat.

03. Avril Lavigne – “Complicated”
– Relationship trouble? Tour is not separate from life’s problems; in fact, it often antagonises them. Hug your favourite pillow, grab a hot chocolate from the 24-hour BP and wonder why do you have to make things so complicated?

02. Some Musicians – “The Power Rangers Theme”
– For when you and your tour squad are really on point. For when you feel like you can do anything like you have all fused into a giant badass mech-like Thunderzord™ and no one can stand in your way.

01. Darude – “Sandstorm”
– Does this need an explanation?

Check out the video for the track “Analyst”


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