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Declaime ft. Blu – “Internally Yours” [Song Review]

“Internally Yours” is a must-listen track from the up-and-coming star.



Declaime — formally known as Dudley Perkins — recently linked up with Blu and the West Coast rappers have gotten serious. Declaime’s lyrics within “Internally Yours” present the struggles of dealing with corrupt police officers, in addition to taking a look at ego, abuse, political corruption and everyday societal problems. Musically, the track resembles ’90s hip-hop with its simple bass and snare beat, intertwined with a psychedelic synth in the background.

The powerful lyrics of “Internally Yours” cultivate Declaime’s personal style of hip-hop. The most intricate component of all being his pause in between lyrics. “Lives inside of you” pauses are repeated in such a way that it transports you to a horror scene when the actor starts hearing strange voices and/or noises. A fascinating effect, to say the least, as you the listener begin to feel the power of Declaime’s voice as he depicts these struggles into your every fiber of being.

“Internally Yours” is a must-listen track from the up-and-coming star. His new album Young Spirit is set to be released on August 18, 2017 via SomeOthaShip Connect and Entertainment One Music.

Run Time: 4:34
Release Date: July 3, 2017

Check out the song “Internally Yours”