Taking heavy influence from classic rock legends like Aerosmith and AC/DC, Los Angeles, CA rockers Future Villains are a contemporary hard rock band with an energetic sound and thrilling live show. Determined to keep the rock flag flying high, the band has recently released new rockers “Back To Hell” and “Wildflower”, to be featured on an upcoming EP. After hearing the new tracks, we spoke to frontman Dusty Bones about the best spots to grab a drink in the band’s hometown.

10. Stout Burger – “Burgers. Beers. Babes”
Stout Burger has a small food menu armed with some of the best burgers you will ever experience. The beer menu, on the other hand, is not small and is equally as kick-ass to the food menu. There are two locations in L.A. (Hollywood & Studio City) and they are both great. The happy hour there, which is from 4pm-6pm, is half off all food so you can get a gourmet burger for $6-7. The servers there are great at helping you decide which beers best pair with your food. The servers there are also very attractive. Burgers. Beers. Babes. Bam!

09. The Red Door – “Best Restaurant in L.A.”
The Red Door is the bar located in the back of the restaurant called “The Riverside” located in Toluca Lake on Riverside Drive. It is hands down all around the best restaurant in Los Angeles. Run by Doc Lawrence, who you can see performing there EVERY Monday night for their live open mic style music nights. He is the head chef as well and one hell of a performer. The menu there is so diverse and the pizza is PHENOMENAL. They have a great Sunday brunch, especially during Football season. A huge patio with about 10 different HD TV’s each paired to its own blue tooth speaker so no matter where you are sitting on the patio you can have a speaker at your table to hear the game.

08. Villains Tavern – “Mason Jar Shot Glasses”
– This place is located in downtown L.A. and serves as a music venue as well as a bar. Every drink they serve from beer on tap to mixed drinks to simple shots are served in different sized mason jars. If you are looking to hear blues, folk or country music in a really cool vintage setting then you should check out Villains Tavern. With a name like that it’s gotta be rad, right?

07. Salsa and Beer (North Hollywood) – “Best Mexican Food in Los Angeles”
– There are two locations for this restaurant but the North Hollywood location is by far the gem of the two. There are two good-sized horseshoe shaped bars that generate some of the finest and most intoxicating margaritas known to man. The food is supremely delicious and AFFORDABLE. You can go to Salsa and Beer with an empty stomach as well as an empty liver and leave fuller and drunker than 30 Indians without spending more than 35 bucks. If your party is more than 2 and you arrive after 7 you will more than likely have a 30+ minute wait BUT that’s what the bar is for! They also get your food out lightning fast and it’s WELL worth the wait.

06. The Federal Bar – North Hollywood Gastropub
The Federal is a great place to go for food, drinks and live shows. They have a HUGE selection of microbrews and local beers. Upstairs is a great venue with a killer sound system. Day and night it is packed with beautiful women. Being in North Hollywood there are many dance studios in the area so lots of dancers tend to flock there.

05. Boardners – Courtyard Venue
– This place is super rad to get drunk at and see bands play. There are two bars, one inside and one outside in the courtyard. The inside bar is very dim lit and has a super 60s feel to it. The courtyard also has a stage for bands and its a really cool way to see/perform a show being in this courtyard with a fountain in the middle of it.

04. The Satellite – Silverlakes coolest venue
– This place used to be called Spaceland and is another bar/venue that hosts only great acts. Also, another bar that our anonymous fellatio receiving band member was given a hummer in the bathroom! The band playing was Halloween Jack, a cover band put together by GnR‘s Gilby Clarke. The woman was a cougar. Her mouth was warm. The bartender goes by “Boston Dave” he is a great man and he is great at getting people drunk.

03. Loaded – Punk rock and heavy metal
– This place has an AMAZING happy hour. It’s located on Hollywood Blvd. The last time I was there they had this drink special titled “The Brother on a Budget” which consists of a 24 ounce Bush or Bush light, a shot of any well liquor and either a Newport or Marlboro red for $8.00 during happy hour. They also have “Buy one get one for $1”. The beer taps are built into the engine of a Harley Davidson and there is at least one stripper pole in there right next to the bar.

02. The Rainbow Bar & Grill – “Where the beautiful and savages collide”
– Not only does this place have really great food but it is arguably Hollywood’s most sinister bar. On any given day or night you can see celebrities, rock stars and pro athletes at The Bow (The Rainbow). But most nights are packed there with leather, denim, drugs and silicone. The majority of the waitresses there are known for being extra “friendly” and most of the women that are hanging there are looking to get fucked one way or another. One of the members of our band has actually received two blowjobs by two different women in two different bathrooms at The Rainbow. It’s a fun place to hang!

01. The Viper Room – Best venue in Hollywood
– Formally owned by Johnny Depp, The Viper Room is a stellar place to get lit and hear great music. The sound system is awesome, they have an incredible staff and you will only see great bands or artists performing there. We played our first show at The Viper with Bullets and Octane in 2012. Being the “Home bar” to our band there have been and there will continue to be many Future Villains nights fueled by The Viper Room whether we have a gig there or we are looking to get drunk and stir up some trouble.

Check out the song “Back To Hell”

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