One thing we like here at PGA is bands who have riffs the size of elephants and Croydon bruisers Bad Sign have an absolute album full on their new album Live & Learn. Having already recieved a hefty list of plaudits for their thunderous sound, the UK heavyweights are back to rattle the eardrums of the metal scene with their new album.

Opening with “Liars & Lovers”, Bad Sign weigh in with their size nine boots, a lurching bastard of an introduction. Ugly, snotty metal, the band bully their way through this three minute opener setting the tone low for the rest of the album. This theme of knee-breaking riffs continues throughout the album as the likes of “Square One” and “Immutable” take in elements of early Therapy? and Reuben both bands whose early sound was built around a bludgeoning almost punkish blueprint and it is one that Bad Sign pick up and weave into their bullish sound. It’s not all out and out knuckle-bleeding riffery though as the soothing “XI” break up the onslaught (admittedly only for 30 seconds) while slower moments during “Closure” and album finale “Paramensia” see the band rein in their raw, heavy sound showcasing a more tempered side to the dirty, gritty one that mauls its way through this album.

Like the aforementioned Therapy? and Reuben, Bad Sign have demonstrated an uncanny ability of writing songs that can sink their migraine-inducing riffs deep into your skull. Live & Learn is one of those albums that isn’t particularly pretty but will leave a lasting impression on you.

Live & Learn Track Listing:

01. Liars & Lovers
02. Covenant
03. Square One
04. XX
05. Intermission
06. Closure
07. XI
08. October
09. Attrition
10. Certitude
11. Immutable
12. Paramnesia

Run Time: 40:02
Release Date: July 14, 2017

Check out the track “Square One”

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