Aborted have not only reaffirmed themselves as one of the best extreme metal bands out there with Bathos, but they have released two of the best tracks you’re likely going to hear all year. Bathos is a short EP, only consisting of two tracks (“Bathos” and “Fallacious Crescendo”), but it is one that will stick with you long after it’s eight minutes of mastery have ended.

“Bathos” is a fantastic track. It’s full of aggression, incredible breakdowns, and spectacular blast-beats. This is brutal, deadly stuff. Sven de Caluwe’s vocals mix the best of hardcore and death metal together perfectly. He’s aggressive, but it’s not over-the-top and fits perfectly with the brutality of the music. Around 3:20 into “Bathos”, you are treated to one of the chunkiest riffs you’ll hear this year. It’s perfect mosh pit material and it will make you want to start one in your living room. “Bathos” is a phenomenal track.

“Fallacious Crescendo” is even faster than “Bathos”. Ken Bedene’s drumming is arguably the star of the show here, showcasing his ability to speed up and slow down with ease when required. As the name suggests, this track will provide a crescendo to the madness, and provide one it does with a storming guitar solo followed by the track’s crushing chorus that slowly filters out into a calm silence via the keyboard. Indeed, Aborted also make good use of electronic moments that are few and far between. Both “Bathos” and “Fallacious Crescendo” are hugely exciting tracks.

Despite only being two songs long, Bathos will blow you away with its phenomenal brutality and incredible musicianship. These two tracks could very well prove to be a stand-out moment of 2017 in extreme metal. Bathos is really that great, I only would have liked more of it!

Bathos Track Listing:

01. Bathos
02. Fallacious Crescendo

Run Time: 8:14
Release Date: June 30, 2017

Check out the title track “Bathos”