Boston death metal quintet Soul Remnants are streaming the new track “Echoes of Insanity,” from new record Ouroboros. This is the band’s third album and a concept record revolving around a futuristic, dystopic war amongst all of mankind. Definitely the band’s most ambitious work to date, Ouroboros is more dynamic than their two previous albums, but still maintains that crushing style fans have come to expect.

Recently commenting on the record, the band said, “An insane amount of hard work and passion was poured into the creation of this record and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ouroboros is as versatile as it is volatile. Flowing seamlessly from track to track it runs the gamut from extreme technicality to filth ridden grooves, with plenty of other surprises to offer.”

Ouroboros Track Listing:

01. Mechanical Synapse Modulations
02. Regurgitated and Consumed
03. Depravity’s Lock
04. Walled City
05. Mental Tourniquet
06. Echoes of Insanity
07. Dissolving into Obscurity
08. Decomposition
09. False Kingdom of Prophecy