Ride have released a new single called “Lannoy Point” off of their latest release Weather Diaries. The song meditates on the state of what they view as a broken Britain and it is their hope for a new start to turn things around. Weather Diaries is the band’s first new album in over 20 years.

Ride frontman Mark Gardner elaborated on his frustrations with the state of Britain, saying, “Lyrically ‘Lannoy Point’ is my reflection on what the fuck is going on with all this backward ‘Little Britain’ depressing, blind faith, Brexit times we find ourselves in. As I muse on in the chorus, I hope that ‘A better sense can start again’ to find our way out of this mess!”

Weather Diaries Track Listing:

01. Lannoy Point
02. Charm Assault
03. All I Want
04. Home Is A Feeling
05. Weather Diaries
06. Rocket Silver Symphony
07. Lateral Alice
08. Cali
09. Integration Tape
10. Impermanence
11. White Sands