The charismatic power trio Mutoid Man have now released a stream of their entire new album War Moans. The album is ambitiously arranged and loaded with hard rock swagger.

On the new album, Mutoid Man bask in their love of frantic, ferocious, no frills rock, with no riff deemed too extreme and no drum pattern deemed too absurd. Since their formation, Mutoid Man’s live shows have been an exercise in showmanship which has translated over to their songcraft. On War Moans, the band delivers an album of savage hooks and next-level dexterity.

War Moans Track Listing:

01. Melt Your Mind
02. Bone Chain
03. Micro Aggression
04. Kiss of Death
05. Date with the Devil
06. Headrush
07. Irons in the Fire
08. War Moans
09. Wreck and Survive
10. Afterlife
11. Open Flame
12. Bandages