The atmosphere was immensely epic at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota before the almighty Iron Maiden took to the stage to destroy everything in sight. The fans were anxiously awaiting what would turn out to be one of THE BEST live shows ever put together, especially considering the band’s age. After the video intro, Bruce Dickinson was alone at the top of the cryptic Mayan-themed stage set. The first notes he sang rang out into the stadium as he stood above the smouldering cauldron that was overflowing with a mystical fog. Nicko McBrain gave the four count on the hi-hat and off they went…

The “Book of Souls Tour” is quite possibly one of Iron Maiden’s best live acts ever. The band hasn’t aged a day and the energy that all six members display is, quite honestly, incredible to watch. Many groups from the same era have done some farewell tours within the last five years or so, but Maiden show no signs of putting on the brakes. They’re healthy, they sound amazing, and they entertain to the fullest extent possible. Of course, the famous band mascot “Eddie” made more than one appearance on stage. At one point, the legendary character was trying to take down the members, but of course Iron Maiden prevailed. The fans and I included were loving every minute of it.

Where the show fell somewhat short was the setlist. Six new songs off the newest record, Book of Souls, made for a very unfamiliar show for a lot of attendees. It is well-known that the band prides themselves on not being a nostalgic act, and they want to continue to write and record new material. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, hell, it’s pretty respectable to see a band like them with the same drive as when they were kids but there were so many classic songs the fans would have loved to hear.

Never fear though, tracks like “The Trooper,” “Powerslave” and “The Number of the Beast” were all included in the setlist so many of the fan favorites are there! Regardless, you can’t go wrong with this tour. Snag a ticket as soon as you can. Go out and see one of the best live bands there ever was.

Check out the video for the song “Speed Of Light”