Trying to figure out Igorrr’s latest is a waste of time. Savage Sinusoid is as difficult to pick apart as it is to get into. Across eleven tracks of utter madness, you’ll find elements of metal, trip-hop, baroque and even old-school video games. Despite the monstrosity of its madness, however, you will find things to enjoy in Savage Sinusoid.

In a similar fashion to Babymetal, Igorrr somewhat seamlessly meshes together the elements of other genres into their metal sound. It can be pretty fun at times, but for those with an ear for the more traditional chug of metal guitars, steer way clear of this release. This avant-garde mish-mash of differing sounds can be irritating for sure. More than once throughout the record you’ll be wishing that they weren’t trying to be so clever or different. According to the brainchild of Igorrr, Gautier Serre, however, this is deeply personal music that he just wants to feel like a big party:

“I just want to make the music I love, without asking myself if it’s gonna be too complex or too far from what people like. I want to make the music which has sense to me, with no restrictions, like a big party with metalheads, electronics nerds, classical and baroque-heads and gypsy violinists getting drunk and joining together to bring the best of every genre. It might be a bit challenging sometimes, but that’s not the aim. It’s very logical and natural music to me, so I don’t really see when it’s challenging and when it’s not.”

There’s a fun, party atmosphere surrounding the entirety of Savage Sinusoid. There is feeling behind the madness. While it may not be your cup of tea, you can tell there is a lot of heart in the record. This is true of everything in it. You’ll have no idea what’s going on, but you will be taken along for the ride well enough. Travis Ryan (of Cattle Decapitation fame) makes a smattering of appearances throughout the record, too, listen out for his death growls in “Cheval” and “Apopathodiaphulatophobie” and he is involved somehow in “Robert” (a strange dubstep piece). Indeed, “Cheval” is probably the strongest track on the record, mixing accordion-led folk with death metal and dubstep. It sums up the best the kind of madness you’ll find on Savage Sinusoid.

This happy, party avant-garde piece may bewilder more than entertain, but it does get you feeling more than a lot of modern metal bands can. That bemused look on your face as you listen that slowly curls into a smile? Emotion, right there. Savage Sinusoid is a sadly inconsistent record, however, and one that (aside from “ieuD” and “Houmous” with its classic video game sounds) doesn’t really get going until “Spaghetti Forever”, but it’s fleeting, only really lasting up to “Apopathodiaphulatophobie” as truly enjoyable (although the finisher “Au Revoir” is pretty cool). If you’re willing to be transported into a different dimension for a little while though, Savage Sinusoid should take you there.

Savage Sinusoid Track Listing:

01. VIande
02. ieuD
03. Houmous
04. Opus Brain
05. Problème d’émotion
06. Spaghetti Forever
07. Cheval
08. Apopathodiaphulatophobie
09. Va te foutre
10. Robert
11. Au Revoir

Run Time: 39:26
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Check out the video for the band’s song “Cheval”