“Dementophøbia” is the latest track to come from NØMADS’ brand new PHOBIAC project. The song is the June installment of the ongoing year long conceptual project, with each song being a case study based around a different rare or clinical phobia. “Dementophobia” is the fear of losing one’s mind, and its accompanying single is a blistering, fuzzed-out, post-punk explosion that captures the nature of NØMADS as a dynamic post-punk duo.

The duo consists of the brainchild of Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond) who handles bass and vocal duties, and Garth Macaleavey (the technical director at National Sawdust) on who handles drums.

PHOBIAC Track Listing:

01. Traumatophobia
02. Achluphobia
03. Acrophobia
04. Dementophobia
05. Chronometrophobia
06. Automatonophobia
07. Ataxophobia
08. Autophobia
09. Phasmophobia
10. Megalophobia
11. Thassophobia
12. Sonophobia