Multi-genre artist/producer Klayton has managed to strip things down while stepping things up with Offworld, his fourth album of exploratory soundscapes under the Celldweller moniker. If there is such a thing as singer/songwriter exploration within the genre of electronic EDM music – Offworld is a prime example of how to do it successfully.

Gone are Klayton’s usual musical tropes; aggressive guitars, heavy beats (typically at a high BPM) and an industrial sounding intensity. What Offworld brings to the table is an exploration into some different soundscapes set against a loose sci-fi conceptual background. Silky smooth synthesisers, soul-crushing harmonic vocals (think Gary Numan at his moody best) with moments of shoegazer ambience – enhanced with a bonus remix of “Awakening With You” by Ulrich Schnauss – one of the finest electronic mixers in the business. The original version, along with Ulrich’s killer remix are two of the standout tracks on Offworld.

There’s some killer a cappella on the track ”Mother’s Arms,” one of the most different and utterly compelling songs present on Offworld, along with “Last Night on Earth” and “Own Little World” – both beautiful tracks. There’s an element of 1980’s synthesizer music that dwells in the background of this entire album, many of the tracks paying homage to bands like Depeche Mode and the aforementioned Gary Numan to great effect.

Klayton is genuinely one of the better studio/production men on the planet. His musical output with Celldweller, Chatterbox, Criss Angel, Circle of Dust, Angeldust, Argyle Park, Scandroid and AP2 speaks for itself. You may have already been wooed by Klayton’s sublime musical stylings and not even known it. He has contributed to Westworld, Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher, Deadpool, Collide, Lucy, John Wick, Robocop, Pacific Rim, Killer Instinct Season 3, Percy Jackson, Brick Mansions, Now You See Me, Dead Rising 3, A Good Day To Die Hard, Call of Duty: Elite, Assassin’s Creed, UFC & more.

Put July 28th into your calendars – it’s release day for Offworld. The Offworld presale links just went live on the FiXT website yesterday. Pre-Order Now Give this release a listen – I can already tell Offworld will reside in my personal favourite albums list of 2017.

Offworld Track Listing:

01. Offworld
02. How Little I Must Know
03. The Great Divide
04. Too Many Tears
05. Awakening With You
06. Mother’s Arms
07. Into the Fall
08. Echoes
09. Last Night on Earth
10. Own Little World (Offworld Reprise)
11. Awakening With You (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Run Time: 53:05
Release Date: July 28, 2017

Check out the Offworld teaser for ”Alcyone”

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