UK groove death metallers A Trust Unclean has released a stream of their entire new EP Parturition. Hailing from Oxford, UK, the band has quickly make their mark on the metal scene in the UK with their own brand of groovy, technical death metal. The band has shared the stage with Aversions Crown, Rings Of Saturn, Black Tongue and Ne Obliviscaris, as well as performing at UK Tech Metal Fest with bands such as Decapitated, Heart Of A Coward, Monuments and many more. The band recently recruited Kyle Lamb to be the band’s new vocalist and Noah Plant to be the new drummer.

Parturition Track Listing:

01. Parturition
02. Dominion Over Bone
03. Exonerate
04. Aeon
05. Apex
06. To Encompass and Eclipse
07. Repurposed
08. Aetherius