A Killer’s Confession is the new band fronted by former Mushroomhead mastermind Waylon Reavis. After a brief intro, it is clear that A Killer’s Confession means business and they are here to prove it. This is some seriously down-tuned, crushing industrial-tinged metal that shakes your bones, rattles your skull, and most of the time commands your undivided attention.

Unbroken is not your typical metal record though, in that it boasts production that is quite unbelievable, setting it apart from the majority of heavy records on the market right now. For lack of a better term, the sound is HUGE! The addition of some surprisingly intricate, and extremely emotional melodies woven into the fabric of few tracks adds variety as well as a short reprieve from the constant assault.

Guest appearances by the likes of Korn‘s Brian “Head” Welch, One-Eyed DollsKimberly Freeman, and few others, add even more spice and variety to the mix making this an even more enjoyable listen. All said and done, I think this is gonna be one of 2017’s sleeper discs. If it is not yet on your radar, I suggest you make that happen.

Unbroken Track Listing:

01. Awakening
02. Spawn Of 7
03. Rebirth
04. A Killer’s Confession (feat, Brian “Head” Welch)
05. 1080p
06. Final Breath
07. L.O.L.
08. Reason
09. Sympathy (feat. Kimberly Freeman One-Eyed Dolls)
10. I Will Define
11. Judas Kiss
12. Letting Go
13. Purification

Run Time: 29 minutes
Release Date: May 12, 2017

Check out the video for the band’s song “L.O.L.”