There’s been a handful of controversy surrounding Volumes and past members, but here’s the thing: I don’t care. The bottom-line is, or in this case the second line, their music is sick. Think metalcore with djenty riffs, not too complicated but not cookie cutter either. They might even be their own cookie cutter shape, setting a precedent for others whose cookies are similar. To quote Daniel Tosh, “It’s a theory. It’s probably wrong.”

If you’re familiar with their previous work, songs like “Wormhole”, you’ll remember that they like to take a rhythmic pattern and roll with it for a while. While Via and No Sleep were both dope albums, Different Animal is next level ear candy. Lineup changes can always throw a wrench in things but, whoever wrote these jams knew what they’re doing.

The way the songs are pieced together, balancing riffs and bouncy breakdowns, have a lot more movement and development this time around. New themes are continuously introduced throughout a song with flawless transitions that always have a way of bringing things full circle without following a predictable formula. Is it sad that I feel like that’s worth noting? What does that say about the music I listen to? I’ll stew over that until the end of this sentence.

There are some super catchy hooks on this album, something I’m a sucker for. Sometimes the hooks have hip-hop undertones and other times just straight-up modern rock. Keep an ear out for “Hope”, it’s a great example of the diversity of vibes on this album. The production value is also top shelf. Acoustic guitars, strings and electronic beat shuffle interludes whuuuut?? 10/10 will hit replay when done listening to this album. I made my first several listens to Different Animal while lifting. Many gainz were had.

Different Animals Track Listing:

01. Waves Control
02. Finite
03. Feels Good
04. Disaster Vehicle
05. Pieces
06. Interlude
07. Hope
08. Tides Change
09. On Her Mind
10. Heavy Silence
11. Pullin’ Shades
12. Left For Dead

Run Time: 36:09
Release Date: June 9, 2017

Check out the track “Left For Dead”