If there is a particular album that shook people with the fact that Voivod were indeed a lot more musical and progressive than their first two albums let on, it had to be this one. By this time as well, the production was definitely a step up from previous efforts, and everything had a much clearer definition. People who once swore (and there were many) that Voivod would go the route and fade with the rest of the thrash surplus, soon realized they may have to eat crow concerning this bunch.

The third time was indeed the charm for Voivod, at least pertaining to this particular album. ‘Killing Technology’, ‘Forgotten In Space’, ‘Tornado’, ‘Ravenous Medicine’; are all live standards up to this day. A lot of the ideas being put forth by the band concerning the story lyrically, along with visuals, were definitely refined and stepped up. Also, progressiveness and much clearer defined arrangements emanated from the band, other than their usual speed-thrashy exuberance and all without sacrificing their bite or heaviness.

For a lot of the old guard fans, this should be at the top of their lists; a definite and penultimate classic. Couldn’t be happier finding out I’m able to get my hands on this at last (and the amazing live sets that accompany this very welcome CD/DVD re-issue). Waiting on this to reemerge from the archives of NOISE’s catalog, has been well worth it; heavy kudos and much thanks to BMG for this at last.

Killing Technology Track Listing:

01. Killing Technology
02. Overreaction
03. Tornado
04. Too Scared To Scream
05. Forgotten In Space
06. Ravenous Medicine
07. Order of The Blackguards
08. This Is Not An Exercise
09. Cockroaches


01. Killing Technology
02. Overreaction
03. Ravenous Medicine
04. Tornado
05. Korgull The Exterminator
06. Ripping Headaches
07. Blower
08. Live For Violence
09. Tribal Convictions
10. Order of The Blackguards
11. Cockroaches
12. To The Death
13. Voivod
14. Batman

Running Time: CD1 – 48:08; CD2 – 56:30
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Check out the track “Killing Technology”