It doesn’t take long into “Headlights” the opening track of 40826D from Brit alt-rockers Veridian before your foot is tapping and you’re nodding along like you would to all your favourite Fall Out Boy tracks. Not that this is a bad thing because we all love a bit of infectious pop-rock in our lives but, whether it is Simon Jackman’s slick vocals or the infuriating hook that Pete Wentz and co have made a career out of, the FOB influence is worn very proudly on the sleeve of this band.

For a band still in their relative infancy, Veridian are quickly going to be outgrowing their new band status if 40826D is an indication. Yes, there are a plethora of bands across the UK already well established at this emo rock thing – Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox are just three of the more established acts who spring to mind – however, judging by the massive sounding productions, the classy songwriting demonstrated on “Follow” and the huge sound of “Sleep A Little Better”, Veridian are quickly going to be moving up the ladder of the UK rock scene and onto much bigger things. Listening to 40826D, it’s hard to say they don’t deserve their shot.

40826D Track Listing:

01. Headlights
02. Sleep A Little Better
03. Follow
04. Ink
05. So They Say

Run Time: 16:44
Release Date: May 12, 2017

Check out the track “Headlights”


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