Vallenfyre are giving you more from new album Fear Those Who Fear Him with the release of the new track “Nihilist.” Once again, the band worked with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails) at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts.

Guitarist/vocalist Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) commented, “Nihilist’ is about those who take their ridiculous holy book seriously and carry it out to the letter. In light of recent events it is dedicated to the innocent victims of the Manchester attack.” Vallenfyre’s music is inspired by bands such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Autopsy, Antisect, Discharge, Nihilist/Entombed, early Napalm Death, early Bathory, and Conflict.

Fear Those Who Fear Him Track Listing:

01. Born to Decay
02. Messiah
03. Degeneration
04. An Apathetic Grave
05. Nihilist
06. Amongst the Filth
07. The Merciless Tide
08. Dead World Breathes
09. Soldier of Christ
10. Cursed from the Womb
11. Kill all your Masters
12. Temple of Rats