Long Beach, California indie alt duo This Wild Life have shared their cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.”

Singer/guitarist Kevin Jordan said, “Growing up in the ’90s, I think every kid loved Nirvana, but as I grew older I started to appreciate the songwriting and artistry more. While digging back into these old records this song really jumped out at me due to the beautiful but simultaneously haunting melody in the verses. I thought it would be a fun and challenging project to approach this song 24 years later with a dark and cathartic arrangement without the huge drums and guitars. Anthony (del Grosso) and I produced the track ourselves after our last U.S. Tour and we hope it comes across as an ode to a songwriter who left this place far too soon.”

This Wild Life released their latest album Low Tides in late 2016 to a #2 debut on the Alternative New Artist Chart and #106 on Billboard’s Top 200 Current Albums charts.