You only have to mention the term “deathcore” and most people will have already set their expectations suitably low. It’s safe to say that the Misery Sermon by Russian skull-crushers Slaughter To Prevail will certainly live down to all those expectations.

To describe this record as utter filth would probably be the most apt description as everything about it has a nasty, rotting stench about it. The pungent, sludgy guitar sound, the rotten vocals, the crushing drums, it all adds up to a hellishly nasty end result. Alternating between passages of neck-snapping heaviness and wall-shaking ferocity, the likes of “Born To Die”, “666” and “Malice In Man” are tossed out by the Russian heavyweights in devastating style.

One criticism levelled at deathcore bands is the one-dimensional tempo at which most bands churn out generic album after generic album. Thankfully, Slaughter To Prevail demonstrate an impressive ability to mix up their hateful sound keeping it interesting for the avid deathcore fan but, sadly, still something of a challenge for those of a weaker disposition.

Misery Sermon Track Listing:

Run Time: 44:43
Release Date: May 05, 2017

Check out the track “Chronic Slaughter”:

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