Bloomington native singer-songwriter Amy O has shared the lead single “Lavender Night” from her new, forthcoming record Elastic. The album is due out on August 4th and the name of the record was chosen to describe the sound Amy makes with her band; “tightly coiled indie-pop music indebted to Sleater-Kinney and the Roches, Helium and Laura Nyro, defined by unruly guitars, excitable vocals, rambunctious performances, and supremely hyperactive hooks. Elastic snaps and pops exuberantly, zigzagging constantly, its joy infectious and its craft undeniable.”

Regarding the track, Amy offered, “The lyrics and melody came to me quickly and without fuss. I wrote it after a little scare I had at the doctor with a mysterious lump. It’s about the constant (and often invisible) line of fragility that we walk upon in life, learning how to follow trails of light throughout difficult circumstances, and resisting the black hole-like vacuum of negative thought patterns.”