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New Jersey’s Rumors of Free Lunch is a punk duo comprised of Greg Kennelty (guitar, bass) and Joseph Spiller (vocals, drums) who dropped their four-song five-minute EP Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back on May 22nd. Over before you even know it, this sonic blast of garage punk rock with metal elements can be purchased via the group’s Bandcamp page. Raw, DIY and totally punk, we’re happy to offer a free download of the song “On Our Way To Perdition”.

Greg Kennelty recently hit us up and commented on the song saying: “‘On Our Way To Perdition’ was the first song I wrote for Rumors of Free Lunch, which ultimately sparked my interest in writing more music like this. I’ve been a progressive metal nerd my whole life, so writing short punk songs that are meant to get people moving instantly appealed to me. Joe did an amazing job with the vocals for ‘On Our Way To Perdition,’ and took things in a different (but fantastic) direction with that rolling snare drum in the verse of the song. I’m really, truly happy with the way this song came out. It was a ton of fun writing Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back, and I really can’t wait to put out more music this winter!”

Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back EP Track Listing:

01. On Our Way To Perdition
02. Trust Fund Financial Genius
03. Combover of Doom
04. We Need A Hero

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