Birmingham quartet Pleasure House have released “Mind Control,” the second cut from their five-track Sentient EP out 26th May. The band is part of an exciting new wave of acts currently reinvigorating the city’s music scene. They incorporate elements of Peace and Swim Deap in their sound to create their own unique sound. The EP was produced by Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic, Fatherson, Vukovi).

Ahead of the release of Sentient, lead singer Alex Heffernan commented, “The system is broken and we’re all being lied to. Mind Control is happening all around us and we wouldn’t even know. The media controls the masses, the leaders control the media, and we’re left scurrying around like little ants trying to choose a colour that seems less evil than the other. We wrote this song amongst the storm of Brexit and Trump, way before a general election had been called, and now I think it’s even more relevant. Register to vote, try to save the NHS and don’t let the TV dictate your decisions.”