Canadian rockers Minotaurs come out swinging in their latest album, AUM, an ominous journey of psychedelic indie rock. Although it’s short, its rhythm and funky sound will leave listeners wanting more.

The first song, “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine”, opens with a big-band orchestra swing—it’s catchy and sure to be a hit on indie radio stations, particularly with the inclusion of soft guest vocals from Sarah Harmer. Listening through headphones will also provide a distinct experience, as the variety of instrumental components play through alternating sides to create a very particular sound.

The psychedelic guitars in “Hipswinger” and beats at the beginning of “Black Maria” also help distinguish this album from your run-of-the-mill indie rock. The ominous guitar chords and trumpets in “All Hail” are also worth a mention (particularly since the notion of “ominous trumpets” is so uncommon).

Lyrically, it’s also noteworthy. Although “Wildered and Witched” must be given special notice for its distinctive name, the remainder of the songs also provide their own twist on love, life and the creative process.

If it can be said to have a flaw, it’s that the length of the instrumental sections detracts from the power of the lyrics. Overall, the rhythm of this album as well as how fluidly each song fits together while retaining their own individual sounds makes it well worth a listen.

AUM Track Listing:

01. I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine
02. Black Maria
03. Don’t Turn Away
04. Hipswinger
05. All Hail
06. Wildered And Witched

Run Time: 35:09
Release Date: May 26, 2017

Check out the video for the song “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine”