I’ve been waiting to check out these gents for a while; more as I heard word that the Antibalas string-man Marcos Garcia was doing more of a rockin’ outfit. Well, joined by the jazz musician Herbie Mann’s son Geoff, and the tight-but-flowing rhythm side of Panta and Miranda, we get a psyche-cum-Afrorock beauty of a platter. Signed up over at RidingEasy Records, they drop the first of what is hopefully a continual run to a beautiful discography.

Of the over-fuzzy and funky goodness being dropped here, try to picture beautiful mash-ups between Goat and earlier Stone Roses perhaps; while on a good ‘shroom trip. So, this platter’s designed to make you shimmy, as well as rock out. “When I Come To”, “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” and especially “Belt Of The Sun” have the power to move. From my days as a DJ, I totally have had love and respect for Antibalas’ polyrhythms and complexities balanced within a groove; not the kind of songwriting greenhorns can muster, well, without being gifted if anything.

Loud playability at social summer night gatherings is as much a given as tripping out silently in the bedroom, with blacklights and dollar store strobes. One of the danciest of occult-tinged Santana-esque albums I’ve covered this past while, no smile can escape the face when this gets put on. Here’s hoping that Mr. Garcia can keep this needed outfit alive and well, and at least half as long as his illustrious longtime afrobeat counterparts have lasted. I only see this as a scratching of surfaces, with many beautiful layers to unfold as the years roll. Can’t wait.

Here Lies Man Track Listing:

01. When I Come To
02. I Stand Alone
03. Eyes of the Law
04. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
05. Letting Go
06. So Far Away
07. Belt of the Sun
08. Here Lies Man

Run Time: 31:37
Release Date: April 21, 2017

Check out the track “When I Come To”