Attila Csihar is one of my favorite vocalists of all time and here in Gravetemple’s full-length album Impassable Fears, care of Svart Records, he churns out modestly exclamatory spoken word segments that are comprised of made-up syllables that are attempting a comparison to monastic chanting. He comes across as fairly deceptive with this scheme, as the vocals generally pass for good, if not better than expected but, sincerely, couldn’t he have insisted on the use of real words?

The rest of the album is a teaser on just what drone metal could be. Like a rough sketch, the chord patterns are abstract and non-substantive. They create atmosphere more than riffage and, if this is your thing, you better get a copy of this record to go with all those Sunn O))) releases you have stocked in your collection. Otherwise, this is not like typical drone.

In fact, Impassable Fears defies comprehension and stereotyping. The vocals hint at tortured rasps and the guitar riffs are comprised of pick slides, string grinding and absolutely wonderful noise. I enjoyed it, albeit for the made-up syllables, and Gravetemple’s sound and style is good for metal or music in general. The more diversified and original metal becomes, the greater its chance of survival, so long live experimental metal! Long live Gravetemple!

Otherwise, if drone isn’t your cup of tea, I hardly think this record will warrant a listen in your room. Better yet, turn out the lights, light the candles, play this music and take strange hallucinogens as you experience visions of horror superseding your mental faculties in a usurpation of all that is safe and sane. Points subtracted for the made-up syllables, this is still a good piece of drone metal for fans of avant-garde and all things experimental.

Impassable Fears Track Listing:

01. A Szarka
02. Elavult Foldbolygo
03. A Karma Karmai
04. Domino
05. Athatolhatatlan Felelmek
06. Az Orok Vegtelen Uresseg

Run Time: 34:59
Release Date: June 2, 2017