This band has always had a special feel or aura surrounding them. As a matter of fact, there once was a time that on social media platforms they gave the mystique and impression of being a band of Asian origin (partially because of being signed to China’s Pest Productions for their debut Funeral). Well, they’re on Nuclear Blast records now and judging from the response of their debut for the label, the stars are totally within Ghost Bath’s grasp.

I’ve played this album at almost every part of the day, during arduous tasks and leisure, at least 10 times if a few. The one constant that has been throughout the playing of it every time, is its beautiful airy magnificence. Such use of the despair and emotional intensity of black metal, with shoegaze, alternative and post-rock shapings. Nay, this lengthy opus is about the cohesive whole that results from all of it. A bit freer in its expression than say Deafheaven’s Sunbather, without seeming fettered with extra effort, and gaining more results.

Hard to find acts that can balance different feels, especially such sadness while being terribly uplifting, so say hello to a damn good one. The band is sure to have updrafts in response to this as with their previous outing Moonlover, only they seem to be just beginning to hit their full stride only after a few years of existence. With the obvious increased interest headed their way for the next while, they should sooner mourn their shrinking anonymity more than the celestial heavens.

Starmourner Track Listing:

01. Astral
02. Seraphic
03. Ambrosial
04. Ethereal
05. Celestial
06. Angelic
07. Luminescence
08. Thrones
09. Elysian
10. Cherubim
11. Principalities
12. Ode

Run Time: 71:17
Release Date: April 21, 2017

Check out the track “Seraphic”: