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Album Review

Full Of Hell – “Trumpeting Ecstasy” [Album Review]

Extreme tour grind machine Full Of Hell bring forth a concentrated grinding blast of near-perfection for their latest long anticipated masterwork Trumpeting Ecstacy.



This is the album a lot of extreme and underground fans have been pining for. This is also what happens when touring is basically your life (as a professional musician), and you not only cement far-and-wide why you do what you do, but become perhaps something a bit greater; with more scope and view of the real world. Well get ready, from the start of “Deluminate”, every single track is just barraging goodness, because that’s what it’s about. If their Number Two Billboard singles chart debuting split with Nails from the tail end of 2016 was any indication, then this, their own third proper release, is most likely to open them to an even broader public awareness from now on.

The album is an awesome length, like Slayer Reign In Blood tight at 23 mins. If people were a bit thrown or confused by Code Orange’s latest Forever and it’s experimentalism, it’s because they weren’t hip to Full Of Hell’s slick treatment on the matter. The boys time with Kurt Ballou at God City paid off large; as the tightness here is unbelievable, and Dylan’s vocals are unhinged, and truly rail-gripping scary at times. The title track is eerie with angelic hymnals sung over crackled electronica, before the wail of agony, then back again to creepy serenity. As drummer Dave Bland rides the album to a close, from a thunderous barrage through to a tribal march rhythm in “At The Cauldron’s Bottom”, the wash of pain from your time at the sonic whipping post is over. The only problem here is that you don’t want to leave, you still crave more. Oh, the sweet glorious abuse.

With this, the Maryland posse have constructed pretty damn close to their version of Longhena, Human 2.0 or Terrifyer. The resonation of this album stays so clear with you, long after it is over. Too soon to tell you say? Well if so, then I call the next album being something almost otherworldly that only the nerds and elites can agree on, lost on the common person. Everything here points to a new pinnacle; the obvious audible end result is as plain a testament to this fact. The tour-forged tightness, production, focus, and intensity are all here already, as is the band’s maturation into adulthood; and we grown-ups know how painful that really is. The truth hurts, and without faith in anything, FOH is here to give you the takeaway courtesy of “Gnawed Flesh”: MAN WILL ALWAYS FAIL.

Trumpeting Ecstasy track list:

01. Deluminate
02. Branches Of Yew
03. Bound Sphinx
04. The Cosmic Vein
05. Digital Prison
06. Crawling Back To God
07. Fractured Quartz
08. Gnawed Flesh
09. Ashen Mesh
10. Trumpeting Ecstasy
11. At The Cauldron’s Bottom

Run Time: 23:24
Release Date: May 5, 2017

Check out the track “Crawling Back To God”