Y’know, it’s hard for a band that really smokes in a live setting to come up with a studio album that can match that intensity, but with releae number two Ecstatic Vision comes close. For any youngsters that happened to miss Monster Magnet in their heydey, with the likes of Hawkwind and psyche-jam freakouts, this should straighten you out; or in this particular case, further trip the hell out of you.

The layers are thick and tasty for tracks like “Keep It Loose” and “You Got It (Or You Don’t)”, and the guys have certainly grown in constructing tripped-out excursions over their slightly tamer debut. The energy is particularly good in “The Electric Step Pts. 1 & 2” here; this really harkens back to Monster Magnet’s earlier works of excessive freak-outs for me, but somehow the Detroit-based quartet still make it theirs. Judging by the shape of the current commercial pop scene, people needs heaps of this music more than ever.

There have been many modern acts from Europe, and even the Far East, that have been deep diving with psych-tinged rock or metal for the last few years. It feels good to know that Ecstatic Vision joins a few select acts from the U.S. to represent. It may be too soon to tell how Raw Rock Fury will be felt by the rawk masses really, but the guys have a tight groove in a live setting, which naysayers can’t refute. If anything, this is where we should definitely start to feel the real effects of this album go to work.

Raw Rock Fury Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. You Got It (Or You Don’t)
03. The Electric Step Pt. 1
04. The Electric Step Pt. 2
05. Keep It Loose
06. Twinkling Eye Pt. 1
07. Twinkling Eye Pt. 2
08. Twinkling Eye Pt. 3

Run Time: 36:26
Release Date: April 7, 2017

Check out the song “Electric Step”