Here we have multi-instrumentalist Tim Kenfic’s latest project Death On Fire; where previously it was known formerly as Lazerwulf (nothing to do with Lazer|Wulf currently from Athens, Georgia). Given the recent deluge of releases – both professional and personal – that have come across my stereo this year, albums and EPs birthed from solo projects have been particularly outstanding; so I was eager to check out another independent hopeful. Progressive deathcore I could live with if done right.

While I’m perfectly familiar with the vocal style being used here, it just doesn’t suit what’s trying to get accomplished here specifically. Nothing at all wrong with the lyrics, as they are direct and no-nonsense, but even more in extreme metal like this, a voice needs distinction or character, and this falls short here. I’ve listened to this twice (yes, I’m surprised also), and there is way too much to muddle through and not a steady groove that sticks for too long. I’m actually a bit upset to a degree because I can see glimmers of songs that should be that aren’t for some reason, and it’s a bummer.

This album could have been a few tracks less and more time spent on stronger cuts like “The Difference Between You and Me” and “Coward”. There are but just moments of really interesting passages through this, but the album, on the whole, is a difficult digest. Music, in some aspects and genres, shouldn’t be totally easy to listen to the first time out but to have to actually figure out what’s happening at times should not be a task either. Here’s hoping to future endeavors that, with the right tweaking, like more players, could really work. Until then, if you can get through LazerWulf Demos in one full sitting, you’re a better person than I.

LazerWulf Demos Track Listing:

01. American Dream
02. A Slave by Your Own Hand
03. Most Favorite Hell
04. The Fall
05. Blood Eagle
06. Carry Me Home
07. Closer to Love (BTK)
08. The Difference Between You and Me
09. Kylie Marie
10. One Down Two to Go
11. Around Your Neck
12. Hell of Our Own Design
13. Who You Are
14. Coward

Run Time: 60:16
Release Date: May 5, 2017

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