Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, hard rock band Chronus formed in 2012. Earlier this year, Chronus released its first album, a self-titled effort recorded with Richard Larsson of The Night Flight Orchestra. In the words of Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren: “Chronus is the complete package.” This sentiment was recently echoed by Sabaton’s Pär Sundström whose band chose Chronus to play on this year’s Sabaton Open Air festival.

PureGrainAudio had the pleasure of speaking with Sebastian, vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Chronus, over e-mail. The quartet — which also includes lead guitarist Svante, bassist Oliver and drummer Jonatan — is currently working towards its first North American tour; Svante has been touring the world as of late as a member of Soilwork.

How would you describe your band to someone who has never heard it before?
Sebastian: I always find it hard to describe what Chronus is and what it sounds like. The genre is hard to define as it’s widespread. You simply have to decide for yourself, but we’ve been described by others as a “dark Foo Fighters” and a “heavy, rapturous Abba.”

Chronus formed in 2012, yet your first album didn’t come out until early 2017. These days, a lot of bands have recorded before playing live. Why the long wait for an album by Chronus?
Sebastian: Chronus started out in 2012 as a bunch of kids who all had a passion for Metallica. We realised very quickly that it turned into a thing of its own, where the songs wrote themselves and the vision became apparent. After a tragic event in 2015, where our first drummer and close friend passed away, we pushed ourselves and worked harder on what would become the Chronus of today. We spent all of 2016 planning, writing, perfecting songs, recording — and making sure everything was the way we had envisioned it from the start. With all that work, we managed to create a sound and a concept that’s somewhat unique.

Check out the song “Setting Sun”

Do you have a favorite song on your new album?
Sebastian: That’s a hard question, it constantly changes as I listen to the album. As of right now it must be “Setting Sun,” mainly because of the lyrics. It deals with some pretty heavy personal matters.

What’s coming up for Chronus for the rest of 2017? Any chance we will see the band play live in North America?
Sebastian: We have big things in the works, but next up is playing Sabaton Open Air 2017, which is Sabaton’s own festival here in Sweden, including bands like Sabaton, Pain and Hammerfall. As for playing North America, we won’t rule anything out. We’re doing everything we possibly can to spread our name here, and with your help from PureGrainAudio, we are one step closer.

Touring aside, have you ever been to Canada? Or the U.S.?
Sebastian: We haven’t been, actually. We’re urging to play live for you guys and gals in North America as soon as possible. We would also like to visit the Rainbow Bar and Grill and have a Jack and Coke in Lemmy’s honor.

Your band came recommended to PureGrainAudio by Dirk Verbeuren of Megadeth. How did you first meet him?
Sebastian: We know him from his time in Soilwork. Both Chronus and Soilwork rehearse in the same building here in Helsingborg, Sweden. Personally, I’ve known him for three years, while another member has known him for 12 years. I got to know him over a cup of coffee, a few weeks later I found myself playing black metal on my Gibson V with him behind the kit, just messing around in good fun.

When not busy with Chronus, how do you like to spend your free time?
Sebastian: I spend the most of my free time with beautiful women, drinking cheap wine. No, jokes aside, I spend the most of my time together with the band. If I’m not down at our headquarters, I’m at home writing new riffs.

What was your favorite album of 2016?
Sebastian: I loved Metallica’s Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, but I owe this one to the incredible band that is Gojira with their amazing album Magma. I still can’t get over Gojira’s raw heaviness that makes me want to crush my skull against the wall, as well as their beautiful melodies that makes me want to buy a dog. To quote Mario Duplantier himself: “Please! Give the rest of us a chance!”

Finally, any last words for the kids?
Sebastian: Mind on the prey, yet the horizon.

Check out the song “Avarice”