Few things bring me greater pleasure than reviewing an album that makes me want to toss my laptop aside and mosh around my living room. This time, the culprit is Blood Youth’s first full-length Beyond Repair—a ten-track banger that sucker-punches its way through your eardrums and starts a circle pit deep inside your brain.

Huge chugs, rapid-fire snare, and crunchy strings lead the way through this heavy LP. Blood Youth effortlessly channels the sound of bands like Stick To Your Guns and The Ghost Inside on Beyond Repair, showcasing growling lows mixed with soaring clean vocals and—OF COURSE—the occasional, tasteful, “BLECH!”.

Vocalist Kaya Tarsus really demonstrates his range on this album, delivering everything from melodic choruses to blistering screams. Additionally, listeners will likely find the lyrical content of Beyond Repair extremely relatable. As Tarsus describes, “These songs are about how we deal with anger in the modern age. When I was writing I became fascinated with heartbreak and how everybody deals with this trauma in their own way. Many tend to numb the pain in an attempt to forget, instead of facing it head on, this is something I am guilty of myself. We were aiming to create something very aggressive but very real.”

For the most part, Blood Youth follows the tried-and-true approach to hardcore on Beyond Repair, with the standard, sing-along choruses sandwiched between grinding verses. However, I definitely wouldn’t consider that familiarity of sound to be a negative. Blood Youth exuberantly and unapologetically bound through every note and riff of Beyond Repair, definitively separating themselves from similar bands in the genre and really bringing this album to the next level. It’s very apparent that these guys are passionate about what they do. And, across the board, they NAILED their sound on this record! I’m certain this album will be well-received among fans of heavy music, particularly those who enjoy a good breakdown. So, grab a copy of Beyond Repair today and be sure to catch Blood Youth at a future show. I’ll see you in the pit!

Beyond Repair Track Listing:

01. Making Waves
02. What I’m Running
03. Savanna
04. Parasite
05. I Remember
06. Reason to Stay
07. Pulling Teeth
08. Buying Time
09. Bless
10. Man Made Disaster

Run Time: 34:23
Release Date: April 7, 2017

Check out the song “Reason To Stay” by Blood Youth