LA-based rap artist Azizi Gibson has released the full stream of his new record Memoirs Of The Rapper. Lead album singles, “Nintendo King,” “High” and “Freak” served as primers to the full album, with all three a testament to the off-the-wall beats and sharp, quick-witted lyricism that mark Gibson out as one of the most original new voices in US rap.

Eager to leave his mark on the rap game without ever being defined by it, “Freak” is the perfect outsider track, an ode to his ability to deliver killer rap records in his own, distinct way. Azizi was born in Frankfurt and raised between Thailand and Singapore before his family and him moved to Maryland when he was 11. Since then, he has released several EPs and then launched his own label preHISTORIC in 2015 which he will release Memoirs Of The Rapper on May 9th.