For this particular project, the buzz has been just tremendous, and with due cause; mastermind Manuel Gagneux certainly “got the fire” alright, in creating this unique gem. To imagine Ninja Tune’s Coldcut, making film-like score pieces with help from various black metal, traditional folk and blues musicians, would be as close as description could dare perhaps. The chain gang style vocals propelling the opener and title track of this album would do a better job spelling it out. Even then.

The album itself has two phases. The first being the ‘missives’ in the form of satanic plantation chants by Slavery-era field workers. I can honestly say I haven’t truly shuddered with cold chills like that in quite a long time (maybe first time hearing Bathory perhaps). Seriously, the tone is genuinely haunting here. The second phase of their album, are three interludes or intermissions that space out the vocal spiritual tracks – namely “Sacrilegium I”, “II”, and “III”; that in themselves seem like renditions of a single work or melody.

For such a chaotic melange this all just totally works, and well! Although coming in at just under a half an hour, don’t let that sway you of it’s grip and intensity; in fact the temptation is real to hit replay. This is easily one of the personal surprises of the year for a great many. In a sea of sameness for a lot of music right now, an album as this, with such unique and honest experimentalism, has nothing but a solid place in my lists and collection. The same should be for all those who just like well-done, dark material period; truly diabolically marvellous.

Devil Is Fine Track Listing:

01. Devil Is Fine
02. In Ashes
03. Sacrilegium I
04. Come On Down
05. Children’s Summon
06. Sacrilegium II
07. Blood In The River
08. What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here
09. Sacrilegium III

Running time: 25:05
Release date: February 24, 2017

Check Out The Track “Devil Is Fine”