This band is an institution of British Hard Rock and Metal; any band entrenched since the 80s until now would do best to remember this. To some, record companies were also right bastards in some regards, the single largest cause of musical death for many brilliant projects. Here I was honestly thinking I would never see another ToPT album in my life again; oh how glad I am to be wrong! With singer Jacopo Meille, founder member guitarist Robb Weir, and drummer Craig Ellis stable since 2004, they have filled the missing spots with new blood; the Tygers are now out to ambush!

Just totally goosebumps hearing the opening of “Only The Brave” as it whisks you back to the (great) late 80s when hard rock-tinged metal was the order of the day. Jacopo’s voice is magnificent as he powers through “Never Give In” and “Blood Red Sky”; just total furious fist-pump material. As for the solos, oh man. Micky Crystal’s playing is all over this in a really good way! Don’t think I’ve heard solos peeled off this hot since John Sykes-era Pan Tang (check out “Dusk” to hear a taste). Only two things get the raised eyebrow: The inclusion of “I Got The Music In Me” (this could have been a B-side); two, the other being more than two ballads. Sorry, I’m selfish, it’s been too long and I want my rock fill!

So as I search out a vinyl pre-order for this LP in some way, at the end of the day this band is simply NWOBHM royalty, and it’s high time the rest of the world knew that. The myth that a band’s self-titled album will be one of their best, doesn’t always tend to hold true, but for the most part (and certainly in this case) it definitely does. With this lineup of fresh new blood, they seem more secure, it feels sure and stable. That shit’s exciting for an long-in-the-tooth fan like myself, no doubt the same feeling in their legions worldwide. Join the party and say hello!

Tygers of Pan Tang Track Listing:

01. Only The Brave
02. Dust
03. Glad Rags
04. Never Give In
05. The Reason Why
06. Do It Again
07. I Got The Music In Me
08. Praying For A Miracle
09. Blood Red Sky
10. Angel In Disguise
11. The Devil You Know

Running time: 44:59
Release date: March 24th, 2017

Check out the track “Never Give In”