Toronto alt-rock quartet The Wooden Sky have just released a brand new track called “Black Gold” from Swimming in Strange Waters. The song effortlessly blends folky elements with psychedelic flare to create a sound all its own.

“Black Gold” was written in reaction to an article about the Keystone XL pipeline. Lyricist Gavin Gardiner commented, “I was so frustrated and felt like there was nothing I could do, so I did the only thing I knew how which was to write a song about that feeling. Damn the river, bring a knife. Sort of a call to arms that we each have the responsibility to take care of each other and stand up for things we believe in. Now more then ever the constant -barrage of information can feel paralyzing but it doesn’t have to be, positivity will snowball and we can each play a roll in that.”

Swimming in Strange Waters Track Listing:

01. Swimming in Strange Waters
02. Life is Pain, Pain is Beauty
03. You’re Not Alone
04. Deadhorse Creek
05. Born to Die
06. Black Gold
07. Riding on the Wind
08. Matter of Time
09. Glory Hallelujah