Produced by Justin Hill (formerly of tech-metal nutjobs Sikth), Veil is the new EP from Nottingham-based sluggers The Five Hundred who, while their material might have had the magic tech-metal touch from Mr.Hill, are still primarily the kind of band whose core output is one that leaves you with one stonking headache!

After lulling you into a sense of comfort with the gentle intro, all hell breaks loose as “Ghost In The Flames” kicks things off good and proper. Part Chimaira, part Fear Factory, 110% mosh, The Five Hundred at their heaviest, have that crunch and groove reminiscent of UK bruisers Malefice. The double-part title track takes the EP down a more experimental, atmospheric route and shows another dimension to a band who’ve clearly got plenty of ideas in the tank to create something quite special progressing forward beyond the four tracks that make up Veil.

Veil EP Track Listing:

01. Aftermath
02. Ghost In The Flames
03. The Rush
04. The Veil
05. The Veil Pt II

Run Time: 15:20
Release Date: April 21, 2017

Check out the track “The Rush”


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