Fresh off a global tour and JUNO Award win, Hamilton rock trio The Dirty Nil have released a stream for the new song “Caroline.” This comes from the band’s new compilation album Minimum R&B which is made up of eleven tracks from the group’s back catalogue. The compilation includes one unreleased song, a combination of 7″s and the EP Smite all in one package. The album will be available on April 28th.

Discussing the motivation for the release, the band said that it was fuelled by “broken vintage fuzz pedals, the show television ‘destroyed in seconds,’ girls night out wine, smashing reverb tanks with hammers, a small lake of black coffee, horrible recording conditions, general negligence, recording vocals naked, beer, blood, broken bones, broken instruments, broken ears, inescapable loudness, screaming, unresolved girl problems, exposed wiring, no pants, no shoes, making our producers drink more than they wanted to, and a dozen donuts.”