Canadian folk rock band Streetlight Social are releasing their debut album Blood From Stone on May 5th and have released the new single “Heart of Glass.” The band members cite influences from Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Him Croce, Dallas Green and so many others in the making of this record. Blood From Stone is the culmination of years of hard work. The band actually used to be a hard rock act before one day they got some acoustic guitars out and Streetlight Social in its current form was born.

Regarding the new track “Heart of Glass,” Streetlight Social’s Chris Millar says, “This song may be about your insecurities in a new relationship, or the fear of getting hurt and hurting another, or even the denial experienced when you find out you may not be as strong as you once thought.” He adds, “We have our own interpretations for sure, but we encourage our fans to listen and come to their own conclusions – what resonates most with them.”