Brooklyn-based post-hardcore band Stay Inside have dropped yet another track from As You Were. The new song is called “Blockbussa.”

The band’s Bartees Cox, Jr. (vox, guitar) commented, “This song was written pretty shortly after the election. I was overseas when everything went down, and it reminded me that there’s this whole other side of America that people don’t see or believe exists. I happen to be from one of those hyper-conservative parts of the country, so even though a lot of folks were shocked at the outcome of the election, I wasn’t too surprised. Mustang, Yukon, my hometown in Oklahoma felt like a sundown town until the late ’80s, early ’90s.”

“Beyond that, this song walks the line between having these old school country boy values, and then moving to the northeast and meeting all of these educated, culture rich, accepting people – and grappling with the idea that even though I’m reconciling some things in my past, and learning a lot about myself in this new environment, people from back home and the people in my new home are so far from understanding each other that it leaves me a little hopeless.”