In the face of the recent Toronto housing crisis, legendary music venues have been forced to shut their doors in order to give way to the city’s rising real estate market (read: more condo buildings). Our friends at The Scene Magazine decided to do something about it—throwing a killer two-day private party in a secret location downtown Toronto—celebrating local talent, raising money, and generating actionable awareness about the need for creative communities to assemble and help our favourite venues fight against the risk of closure.

The secret location at Bloor & Spadina was a haven for the city’s creatives. Over the course of the weekend, the venue housed 18 bands, 6 DJs, 12 films, live art, and photography – the ideal wrap-up to Canadian Music Week. Attendees got to enjoy some of the best underground talent that Toronto has to offer – in a small, intimate setting that brought everyone together as a community. The venue, bathed in an otherworldly red and blue light, was cramped, encouraging people to talk to each other – sharing stories, buying drinks, swapping demos, making friends. The experience was warm and neighbourly, and everyone left feeling like they were really part of something.

Check out the artists who rocked the Senses Unscene event and stay tuned for future events supporting Toronto’s music community.

Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Stolen Statues
Run Maggie Run
The Accolades
Moon Tan
Empty Threat
The Peculiar
Huge Cosmic
Mad Machines
Other Families
Ruby Komissar

Tipsy Fo
Andrew Podolio
Kat Chloe

Live Artists:
Paulina Galactic
Paul Zulauf
Shu Xu

Death Of Me
My Coffee With Jim
Prison Fight
Walking Supply
The Package
The Blue Jet
Love Stinks
Red Love